Job Interview Tip: Hold the Horses

One pitfall that makes job seekers stumble during the job application process is bringing up salary and benefits while still going through interviews. This usually happens at the point during the interview when recruiters ask “Do you have any questions for us?”. That question entices job seekers, especially those unemployed, to leap at the chance to ask about the salary range that comes with the position.

Bringing up salary during an initial interview is simply not good because it gives an appearance that money, not the work or the company, is what matters to the individual. Moreover, there is nothing to negotiate during the interview stage. The initial interview is usually just the first of several and those hurdles need to be cleared before a job offer is made. Employers seldom make hiring decisions when the candidate is still in front of them. Managers choose who to make a job offer after all candidates are gone and after reviewing notes to determine which candidate presented the best match for the job and company.

Candidates who interview smart avoid shooting their toes off with salary and benefits questions by preparing an interview guide of queries related to the company, department and the team. This approach will leave an impression that the individual is collecting information to make an informed decision about working for the company and increases the chance of reaching the negotiation stage.


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